One of the biggest benefits of being in the official Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fan Club, is receiving quarterly newsletters in the mail.

We inform you about the big Chainsaw related events happening and summarize important cast appearance schedules.

This is our archive of fan club newsletters from over the years with a brief summary of the stories that were featured on them.


October, 2004
"Ultimate Chainsaw Experience" Reunion
January, 2005
Passing of Paul Partain
April, 2005
Dr. Barnes' Grandpa Makeup
July, 2005
Returning to the Texas Chainsaw
October, 2005
Filming of the 2003 remake
wraps up in Texas
January, 2006
"Flesh Wounds: Seven Stories of the Saw"
is filmed featuring the TCM fan club
October, 2006
The year of the SAW!
January, 2007
Interview with Perry Lorenz, the pickup
driver from the final scene of Chainsaw
July, 2007
TCM cast reunion in Mesquite, Texas
July, 2007
More history on the original
TCM house